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Rev. Sherry Brandt
Saturday, April 26 WORKSHOP: “Finding Your Soul's Purpose”

SPEAKER: Sunday, April 27

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Sunday, Feb. 2nd Talk – A High Holy Day

We celebrate the ground hog and look at shadows in this talk.  It must have lightened things up, because the Seahawks won the Super Bowl that evening.  To listen, click here: 2.2.14 – A High Holy Day


Sunday Talk – 1.26.14 – Make It Real!

To listen to Rev. David’s follow up talk to last Sunday’s Have a Dream, titled Make It Real!, click here: 1.26.14 – Make It Real

Sunday 1.19.2014 Talk – Have a Dream!

To listen to Rev. David’s talk for January 19th, please click here: 1.19.14 – Have a Dream

January 5, 2014 Talk – Begin Again

To listen to Rev. David’s talk – Begin Again – click here: 1.5.14 Begin Again


Wednesday Service

Title: Wednesday Service
Location: Sanctuary
Description: A deeper service with spiritual practices. Tonight: deepening with our intentions. Follow up on this past weekend’s intentions retreat with processes to anchor your intentions and propel you forward into the new year.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2014-01-08
End Time: 20:00

Feeling It! – December, 2013

Like (hopefully) many of you, I’ve been working with the 40 Day Prosperity Program for the past month and into December.  I’ve done this program several times before, yet it remains a rich reminder of Truth each time I do it.


This time around, I’m becoming more aware of two things.  The first is the need to feel this Truth.  It’s one thing – and a good one – to know the Truth – or more correctly, to know about it.  But, just knowing it can let it just take a lap our brains without ever becoming part of our daily reality.  Plenty of people are, as they saying goes, over read and under done.  But, until we feel and apply the information we get, it is worthless in our lives.


The 40 Day Program invites us to “lift up our minds and hearts….”  When we get our hearts involved with our spiritual practice, it adds the energy we need to actually manifest our Good.  Ernest says: “Our thought and emotion is the use we make – consciously or unconsciously – of this original creative Thing that is the Cause of everything.”


The other is that we are constantly and completely connected with the “lavish abundance” of the Universe.  This lavish abundance includes, but is more than just money.  It is the lavish abundance of all Good.  This program invites us to put our attention on that Source, and not the appearances around us, no matter how loudly they shout.


I’m letting myself really feel this connection.  More than just knowing about it, I’ve been experiencing it, letting it move into all aspects of my life.  I hope you are, too.  Lift up your heart – your feelings – as well as just intellectually knowing about it.  Turn to that Infinite Source of Abundance and let it flow through your heart into your life.


And if you haven’t started the 40 Day Program yet – what are you waiting for?  Dive in!  You’ll love the results.  Have a blessed holiday!


Raylene Ewing


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Into the Darkness – December, 2013

“All this petty worry

while the great cloak

of the sky grows dark

and intense

round every living thing.” 

David Whyte

“No matter how long a room may have been darkened, the entrance of light instantly illuminates it.”                             SOM 468.1


This month, we enter that season where light and dark equalize, come into balance and harmony, before the light begins, ever so slowly, to return to dominance.


Often, in metaphysics, we refer to the dark as that which is undesirable or even evil.  But, the dark can also be rich and fertile.  It has been said that we couldn’t see the beauty of the stars, if not for the dark of the night sky.


Darkness can be the rich fertile ground, the womb of new birth and life.  Darkness can be the old, once so precious, but now no longer wanted or needed, falling away.  Darkness can be the state we temporarily find ourselves in when we’ve been blinded by more light than we can handle and our eyes rebalance.


In the Taoist yin/yang symbol, darkness is the deep, feminine creative energy.  It operates in harmony and balance with the light, the yang energy and out of that interaction is born all life.


Within ourselves, we have that which we may judge to be “not light” – that which we would rather not have brought to light.  Yet, if we understand that ALL is God, all is the One Life, then even this, too is Divine.  The poet David Whyte, in his lovely poem “The Winter of Listening” says: “What we strive for in perfection is not what turns us into the lit angel we desire, what disturbs and then nourishes has everything we need.”


During this time, as the earth moves into quiet, take the time to listen within.  Become aware – without judging – of that which disturbs and nourishes you.  It doesn’t have to be “fixed”, just noticed.  As we gaze with the warmth and light of love and compassion, the gift of the darkness, previously hidden behind our walls, will be revealed and our soul will be nourished.  Deep peace and joy to you during this holiday season.

“Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born.” 

Rev. David



12/29/13 Talk – The Festival of Release

To listen to Rev. David’s talk on releasing what we don’t want, click here: 12.29.13 – The Festival of Release


Intentions – January, 2014

Resolutions require willpower; intentions require only willingness.  I haven’t made a New Years resolution in nine years. Instead it has been my practice to set intentions.  I’ve been playing with this practice for nearly a decade, and what I’ve learned is that intentions work.  Very simply, any time you claim High Truth for yourself, the Universe accommodates your willingness by providing exactly what you need for the expansion of your consciousness.  Let me be very clear: the Universe ALWAYS says “YES.” Only you can say “no.”


It is helpful to work with a spiritual counselor or prayer partner of high consciousness when using intentions, because the moment you make the invitation, Spirit RSVPs in the affirmative. How will you recognize the movement of Spirit in this process?  Because all your barriers to the Good you have claimed will come up for healing. Spirit is not subtle about this. Get ready for shifts measuring 9.9 on the spiritual Richter scale.


Are you ready to accept Divine Right Relationship? Then get ready to heal every belief, attitude and behavior that has been standing between you and Divine Right Relationship. Are you still angry about your last relationship? Prepare to forgive. Do you have to be in charge of all your relationships? You will soon get an opportunity to trust some one else to take the lead.


Unfortunately, this is the point at which many people decide intentions don’t work. But, for those who say yes to this beckoning of Spirit, doors will fly open. Spiritual growth can blow you into a new awareness like an atom bomb going off, or it can be an invigorating journey of heart and soul. Prepare for the journey by setting powerful intentions, being in a receptive state of willingness, and choosing a guide who will serve as sacred witness and spiritual coach.


Raylene Ewing

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December 8th Talk – The Festival of Enlightenment

To listen to this talk celebrating Buddhists Bodhi Day (and with some new sound equipment) click here: 12.1.13 The Festival of Enlightenment

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