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Rev. 'Karima' Cynthia Clayton

April 20 (Easter Sunday): “Ascension and Transformation to the LightBody Frequency”
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6.24.12 Follow Your Bliss

This recording was made during our outdoor service at Beach View Park.  There are a few extra noises from wind, children and such.  Just use them to help imagine a sunny day in the park, following your bliss.  :)   6.24.12 – Follow Your Bliss

6.10.12 Talk – The Hero’s Journey, Part 2

6.10.12 The Hero’s Journey 2

June Talks – The Hero’s Journey Part 1

6.3.12 The Hero’s Journey 1

June Message – Going on the Hero’s Journey

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Confucius

This ancient Confucian proverb reminds us to at least begin, to take that one step.  Yet, it also reminds us that we have no idea where that step will lead us.

This month, we’ll look at the idea of The Hero’s Journey, which famed mythologist Joseph Campbell observed exists in the mythologies of all “Original People” on the planet.  It’s a journey we all take, many times in both large & small ways.  Being conscious of the cycles and steps of this journey is like having a guide instead of wandering in the wilderness.

Ernest Holmes reminds us we also take the same journey in consciousness:  “We make our own mistakes, suffer from our own foolishness, and we must also make our own return journey into righteousness.”  SOM 499.2

This journey is from the forgetting and “domestication” (as don Miguel Ruiz calls it in The Four Agreements) of our   early lives, to a consciousness and life of freedom.  This is our spiritual journey—one that is not easy, yet is the journey we all will eventually make.  Why not take it with greater ease and grace?

So, we will bring the combination of the depth of exploring the Hero’s Journey, yet it’s also the beginning of summer.  So, let’s make it fun?  Who says the journey has to be as hard and dark as some make it out to be?  While it’s not always easy, we get to choose our attitude and affect our experience on the road of Life.

Bring your driving gloves, sunscreen, your flip flops, pack a beach towel – along with a zest for adventure -  and let’s hit the High Road of Spirit!

Rev. David


Cinema for the Soul

Title: Cinema for the Soul
Location: CSL
Description: Spiritually based movies for viewing & discussion. Tonight, Finding Joe a fabulous look at Joseph Campbell’s mythoogy. Bring your own popcorn.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-05-11
End Time: 21:00

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