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Posted February 8, 2013 By Center for Spiritual Living

The Center of Spiritual Living has opened new doors of “Be-ing” on my spiritual path…THANK YOU!


This is a simple, yet deep process of understanding God’s design for living ultimately loving and forgiving lives that naturally brings about new possibilities of abundance in all things. This way of teaching has helped me find and put the puzzle pieces together for a clearer picture of living more connected to Source (God). There are Universal Principles or God’s laws that you can depend
on. They are empowered by unconditional Love for us and allows us to manifest the life of our dreams and passions. It is time for Humanity to dissolve the illusions of unworthiness, guilt and separation, and step into a new understanding of unity, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and live the lives we’ve been yearning for.


The Center for Spiritual Living gives you the tools to free yourself from past and conditioned ways of thinking and opens doors to peaceful and prosperous living. My favorite quote from SOM founder,  Ernest Holmes is, “When the Truth is revealed, all will be healed.”  This Truth has set me Free! (as Jesus said it would)  I Love My Life! Each day is a new adventure of living  the greatest version of the grandest vision I can possibly imagine.

Thank you Center…Thank you GOD!

Chrissie Cox

Lewiston, ID

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Posted May 7, 2011 By Center for Spiritual Living

Coming to the Lewis Clark Center for Spiritual Living, for me, feels like the comfort of being home, along with the excitement of a new journey. When you are home you can be your true self and know you are always accepted and loved. I have never felt comfortable in churches that teach we are less than something or someone. That we must do the correct things and go through the right person in order to be accepted by God or even the church for that matter. At the Center for Spiritual Living all faiths are acknowledged while at the same time we have our own path. Most of the members come from different backgrounds, but are not required to leave what works for them behind. We are all accepted as part of the divine whole. With a new minister, great new music and a growing congregation the Center is headed in a very positive direction. I am very happy to have found the Center for Spiritual Living and am excited to see where this journey takes me!

Kathy Spring
Clarkston, Washington



I was a member of the United Methodist Church for the first  years of my life.  I raised my 5 children in the faith, and met wonderful friends whom I still hold dear.  However, the last years, I felt I was not being fulfilled, and started searching for something more.  I found the Unity Church which completely put me on a new path, and I was overjoyed.  Through this teaching, a greater more expanded viewpoint was opened.  When I found the Science of the Mind Magazine, (it) brought me to help set up the Center for Spiritual Living Church.  I feel that my growth has greatly increased, and I am always on the path for new freedom of thought which opens new inroads constantly, and I am totally happy!

Lydia Hosmer
Lewiston, Idaho


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