Spiritual Practice: Keeping in the Word

Posted September 12, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

In today’s culture we are surrounded by negative messages and stories of violence. They Raylene Ewingblare at us from magazines, television, radio, and even in passing conversation. It seems like it’s impossible to get away from negative images and ideas.

The reality is news stories and magazine articles reflect with accuracy some of the experiences we have here on this earthly realm. War, crime and hardship are very real experiences for many people. But these are what we know of as “relative truth.” There is a higher Truth, sometimes called “Absolute Truth.” These are often simply distinguished as small-t truth and big-T Truth.

It’s important to spend time immersed in Truth. In the Christian tradition this is often referred to as keeping in the Word. For Christians, that means reading the Bible. For many Religious Scientists, however, we find Truth in other books as well. I have had the privilege of speaking with many of you personally, and I know that 365 Days of Richer Living is a favorite. Many of you have already made a commitment to starting your day with a reading of Truth.

It isn’t always easy to find a book that resonates with us individually. Some people find the Bible baffling but the Tao delightful. I’ve been a fan of Ernest Holmes (or, Uncle Ernie, as I usually refer to him in conversation) for many years. I’ll admit I found him a bit hard to digest at first, but now I’m a die-hard fan of his work.

I would like to invite each one of you to visit the Science of Mind Archives. ( This archive of more than 12,000 volumes of new and rare metaphysical books is a treasure trove of Truth! There are more than 150 volumes of spiritual texts that are available free. You can find the published and unpublished works of Ernest Holmes and other spiritual writers.

Spend time in Truth each day. Allow the spiritual masters to guide you on your way every morning. Find a book that resonates with you in a deep and meaningful way, and allow it to speak to your heart before you step out to face the world and its small-t truths. Find the solace and strength to be “in the world but not of it,” by keeping in the Word.

Rejoice and be glad!
Raylene Ewing, RScP
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Letter from Raylene – April 2014

Posted April 7, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

Matthew 18:20 ~ For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

Dear Ones,

Prayer is a powerful tool for shifting our consciousness. Group prayer seems to intensify this dynamic. Here at Center for Spiritual Living Lewis and Clark Valley, you have a prayer team dedicated to holding your prayer requests in the highest consciousness of Truth and the most profound confidence. It is our privilege to know your highest Good no matter how things appear.

I invite you to consider how you might utilize the Ministry of Prayer as an adjunct to your own prayer practice. There are several ways you can use the Ministry of Prayer:
• You can put a card in the prayer request box
• You can send an email to or a text to 206-618-2213 to
• Send a prayer request to be added to the Ministry of Prayer conducted Monday nights
• Send a prayer request to be prayed on by me in my private prayer time
• Request that I call and pray with you on the phone

It is my delight to support this community, and every member of this community, in prayer in whatever way is most meaningful to you. The prayer team is available to pray for you, the church, the Board of Trustees and every committee and undertaking of the church. You are powerful, magnificent Lights of God! It is truly a joy to join my consciousness with yours in this deep and wondrous experience of prayer. I am grateful for every opportunity you present me to prayer for and with you.

With the departure of Rev. David, I’m sure there are lots of transitions and transcendence that are taking place. I and Magi Nock have made a commitment to remain with Center for Spiritual Living Lewis and Clark Valley for six months: that’s 26 Ministry of Prayer sessions! We have taken this on because we believe in CSL LCV and in you! We love praying for you! Thank you for the opportunity to give in service.

Raylene Ewing, RScP

Forgiveness – March 2014

Posted March 4, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

In our philosophy, we are fond of quoting Jesus as having said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”i This concept of “pray believing” is the cornerstone of spiritual mind treatment. We know that healing happens in consciousness. Anyone who undertakes the Practitioner path spends many years cultivating a consciousness that allows us to pray believing. But Jesus’ instruction in how to pray does not end there. He goes on to say, “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your father in heaven may forgive your sins.”ii

There are two things of note in this instruction. The first is that we must forgive, and the second is that by forgiving others we experience forgiveness ourselves. Jesus is very clear: release your grudges against other people, and the weight of any self-condemnation will be lifted from you.

What does this have to do with prayer? Everything! Ernest Holmes said our very attitudes become prayers. If we are harboring an attitude of self-condemnation—if that is what we truly believe—then the prayer of our heart is actually a prayer of smallness and lack, regardless of what our lips utter.

Forgiveness has nothing to do with justice or trust. Forgiveness does not mean that we permit or pardon abuse of ourselves or others. Forgiveness is a spiritual practice we do for ourselves so that we can know our own divine nature, and experience Heaven on earth. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

This month, when you pray, ask Spirit to reveal to you any resentments you are harboring, no matter how small. Then take a moment to invite forgiveness to replace resentment. Forgiveness can happen in a moment, but getting there is a process, not a single event. Partner with your heavenly father (the sacred masculine) in this journey of heart. The result will be a spiritual liberation like no other you have experienced.

Raylene Ewing

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Love – February 2014

Posted February 7, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

I love metaphysics. It’s orderly, logical, explainable and predictable. Anyone who knows me knows I’m pedantic and risk-averse. When I decided to use Science of Mind as my spiritual vehicle, I did so because the metaphysical aspect of it made so much sense to me.It gave me a sense of control and choice. But as I have matured along this path, I’ve discovered that metaphysics only takes me so far.

Ernest Holmes writes of the Love and the Law. Recently on the Practitioner discussion board, there was a long thread on how Holmes’ view of the Love and the Law changed as he grew. In his final interview, Holmes said, “There is a possibility of losing the Presence in the practice of the Principle. In the metaphysical field where they practice the Principle without the Presence, something freezes up….” Holmes recognized that without practicing the Presence, without practicing Love, we deprive ourselves of something precious and holy.

This month, as we celebrate romantic love, let us also consider the higher Love that is in operation around us. It’s easy to buy flowers and chocolates for someone we like, but how do we practice Love with someone we don’t really care for—someone we might even find highly irritating? Start by recognizing that you are feeling annoyed or uncomfortable. This is your cue to begin a very simple spiritual exercise.

If there truly is only One Life, then that Life is expressed as every person you encounter, including people who get your goat. No one can be against you; they can only be here for your highest Good. Even (or perhaps especially) an annoying person can only be here for your expansion in consciousness. Marcia Sutton would say they have come to show you an aspect of yourself which you have yet to love.

So bless them! In the stillness of your heart, think, “I accept you,” on the in breath, and, “I bless you,” on the out breath. Do it at least ten times in a row. You can even do it while you’re in conversation with people. It’s a simple spiritual practice that can bring profound shifts in your life. Truly make this month the Month of Love!

Raylene Ewing

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Sunday, Feb. 2nd Talk – A High Holy Day

Posted February 4, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

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Sunday Talk – 1.26.14 – Make It Real!

Posted January 29, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

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Rev. David Robinson

Rev. David Robinson

Sunday 1.19.2014 Talk – Have a Dream!

Posted January 21, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

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Rev. David Robinson

January 5, 2014 Talk – Begin Again

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Intentions – January, 2014

Posted January 2, 2014 By Center for Spiritual Living

Resolutions require willpower; intentions require only willingness.  I haven’t made a New Years resolution in nine years. Instead it has been my practice to set intentions.  I’ve been playing with this practice for nearly a decade, and what I’ve learned is that intentions work.  Very simply, any time you claim High Truth for yourself, the Universe accommodates your willingness by providing exactly what you need for the expansion of your consciousness.  Let me be very clear: the Universe ALWAYS says “YES.” Only you can say “no.”


It is helpful to work with a spiritual counselor or prayer partner of high consciousness when using intentions, because the moment you make the invitation, Spirit RSVPs in the affirmative. How will you recognize the movement of Spirit in this process?  Because all your barriers to the Good you have claimed will come up for healing. Spirit is not subtle about this. Get ready for shifts measuring 9.9 on the spiritual Richter scale.


Are you ready to accept Divine Right Relationship? Then get ready to heal every belief, attitude and behavior that has been standing between you and Divine Right Relationship. Are you still angry about your last relationship? Prepare to forgive. Do you have to be in charge of all your relationships? You will soon get an opportunity to trust some one else to take the lead.


Unfortunately, this is the point at which many people decide intentions don’t work. But, for those who say yes to this beckoning of Spirit, doors will fly open. Spiritual growth can blow you into a new awareness like an atom bomb going off, or it can be an invigorating journey of heart and soul. Prepare for the journey by setting powerful intentions, being in a receptive state of willingness, and choosing a guide who will serve as sacred witness and spiritual coach.


Raylene Ewing

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Feeling It! – December, 2013

Posted December 31, 2013 By Center for Spiritual Living

Like (hopefully) many of you, I’ve been working with the 40 Day Prosperity Program for the past month and into December.  I’ve done this program several times before, yet it remains a rich reminder of Truth each time I do it.


This time around, I’m becoming more aware of two things.  The first is the need to feel this Truth.  It’s one thing – and a good one – to know the Truth – or more correctly, to know about it.  But, just knowing it can let it just take a lap our brains without ever becoming part of our daily reality.  Plenty of people are, as they saying goes, over read and under done.  But, until we feel and apply the information we get, it is worthless in our lives.


The 40 Day Program invites us to “lift up our minds and hearts….”  When we get our hearts involved with our spiritual practice, it adds the energy we need to actually manifest our Good.  Ernest says: “Our thought and emotion is the use we make – consciously or unconsciously – of this original creative Thing that is the Cause of everything.”


The other is that we are constantly and completely connected with the “lavish abundance” of the Universe.  This lavish abundance includes, but is more than just money.  It is the lavish abundance of all Good.  This program invites us to put our attention on that Source, and not the appearances around us, no matter how loudly they shout.


I’m letting myself really feel this connection.  More than just knowing about it, I’ve been experiencing it, letting it move into all aspects of my life.  I hope you are, too.  Lift up your heart – your feelings – as well as just intellectually knowing about it.  Turn to that Infinite Source of Abundance and let it flow through your heart into your life.


And if you haven’t started the 40 Day Program yet – what are you waiting for?  Dive in!  You’ll love the results.  Have a blessed holiday!


Raylene Ewing


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