March Message

“Red alert! Red alert!  All hands to stations!”

Whether it’s Captains Kirk or Picard or real world naval commanders, those words, or some variation, have been a call to alertness and action for centuries.

A friend who studies the effects of seasons on people observed that March (named for Mars, the Roman god of war) is when people in the northern hemisphere march off to war.  Now, war may seem a strange thing to talk about in a spiritual center, yet a great deal of spiritual books deal with war.

Ecclesiastes tells us, “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the sun:…a time for war and a time for peace.”  (Eccl 3:1 & 8)  Following the Israelites escape from Egypt and wandering in the desert, there came Joshua leading them into war to take over the Promised Land.  The Hindu Bhagavad Gita takes place entirely on a battlefield.  Revelations, the closing book of the Bible narrates the final war to establish “a new heaven and a new earth.”  Muslims have jihad, the holy war (originally intended to be waged within one’s self to rid one of that which blocked them from full experience of Allah.)  The Tao te Ching describes Heaven and Earth as “ruthless” (Chap 5) which echoes Ernest Holmes’ description of the Law as impersonal.

This is the time for activity, for doing.  The passiveness of winter is over, throw open your doors and march!  But, we need to know why and towards what we march.  Ernest Holmes said we should be for something and against nothing.  So we march not against something or someone, but for what we want to establish in our lives—our Promised Land, our New Heaven and New Earth.

One of our “battles” is to more firmly establish our Center as a self supporting entity.  We have been receiving $2,000/month of financial support form CSL Seattle for the last year.  That support ends this month.  If you’ve been watching our financial reports for the past several months, you’ll recognize that we are into the black for the first time in January (and February’s collection was $1,000 less than January’s.)  So, it is time for the bird to prove it can fly.  If you receive this newsletter, and don’t show up at the Center—show up!  If you value this teaching and are in a place to help support it, please help.  There are several ideas being floated to help continue the quality of service being offered by our center.  Most of all, please keep this Center in your prayers.  It is not a time of fear and panic.  It is a time of action.  Red alert!  Join us. Rev. David