Located in the beautiful Lewis Clark Valley of Clarkston, Washington near Lewiston, Idaho

We are an open & loving community providing love, support and tools for growth & transformations.

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Located in Clarkston, Washington, on the border with Lewiston, Idaho, the Center for Spiritual Living is a loving spiritual community and way of life that honors all paths to God/Spirit. We provide spiritual tools for personal transformation and to help make the world a better place. We’re not interested in dogma or old, worn-out religious rules. We are interested in creating a deeply personal and transformational love affair with God/Spirit…the God/Spirit that is WITHIN US all.

As an Open and Affirming Community, we extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, affirmed and accepted for who they are and inspired and supported in expressing their highest potential.


What I Believe – A beautiful video that captures the essence of what we believe.

For more information about what we believe,  please check out our Center for Spiritual Living FAQ page and What We Believe page.

To find us, see the Center for Spiritual Living in Clarkston on the Directions page.